Dec 29, 2012

The Next Chapter Is Here...

 Do you struggle with this?
I am learning that, I can't hang on to anything tighter than I hang on to God.

That may be the ticket right there... My hands can only hold so much, and the things they choose, slip easily through fingers...grasping to hold tightly, not wanting to let go, trust, believe.

Both good and bad chapters remind me... call to me.
Could have done better, tried harder, loved more.
Then God whispers my name, reminding me who I am to Him.
Redeemed, beautiful daughter of the Most High King.
He opens the book, a new chapter, one that I have not read, seems I would not have chosen... a mystery.
He offers it to me, to read, live, embrace and trust Him with the details.
The past year, full of new beginnings, also brought endings.
Each year will offer reasons to trust, turn the page, read ahead.
I have not enjoyed every chapter but I know I must always move these feet of clay forward, in this day... a gift.
Maybe this year has left you hungry for more life, or just hungry... because you are tired and battered. Breathe, look up and trust God with the next chapter.
He is faithful my friend.

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