Jan 8, 2013

Five Steps....

Okay... for most of us there are not five simple... or even five incredibly hard, you still look ridiculous in those skinny jeans... steps. My advice. Give it up and go with boyfriend cut Levis or long and lean, boot cut(dark wash of course) Gap jeans, or your favorite $300 pair that still make your butt look big, but that's okay now.
Any who...

This blog is really about


Sorry for the trickery.

5 Easy Steps To Prayer

1) It's not easy, so get that out of your mind.

2) It is a daily habit, you will want to find a quiet place where you can talk to God, outloud.
Trust me... out loud is awesome.

3) You don't need fancy words, however you are approaching God... He created the world, you, everything good. He deserves some respect.

4) It's okay, even good to be still with God. It's a conversation and He is pleased when we come before Him. Even if you tell Him you have no idea what to say. Be patient... you will think of things to thank Him for, things you may want to ask forgiveness for. He desires to grow in relationship with us so you may want to ask for wisdom and eyes that see Him in new ways.

 5) Recognize this is a journey, a marathon, not a sprint. Don't be discouraged when you have a bad prayer day, get busy and forget, ignore Him... Come back to your prayer place and pick up where you left off.
God is pleased when we spend time with Him. Through prayer we will come to know God in ways that are not possible any other way. 

My word for the year is PRAYER.
This is not going to be easy... but I want to know Him in new ways this year.
Would you please pray for me?

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