Jan 9, 2013

Wednesday Whine....

 Pet Peeves and Things I Don't Understand

Pet peeve...
Why does Facebook ask me how I am doing?
Fb, this is creepy and you (do you have a voice) are over stepping your place in my life. 
You're not my mom, we are not even related, even though we may hang out for long periods of time.
It makes me want to punch you in the face.

Have you noticed that, "I want to punch you in the face" is the new,
"I want to slap you in the head" line? 
It's true.
 Just listen to your kids and seemingly intelligent adults.
  It's all the rage.
People are authoring books with that title... so much for our rich, beautiful English language.
This is not a pet peeve, it's just dumb.

I don't understand...
 how, the first 25 years of my life I weighed 124 lbs and felt 5 lbs over weight.
 If I weighed 124 today, you'd be calling me Twiggy or Mick J. 
How does that work?
Please don't call me Mick... these lips are natural.
People that drive in the left lane. Yes, this is my pet peeve, on crack.
If you are in the left lane and I am behind you and you can see what shade of lip stick I'm wearing, maybe you should shimmy on over.
and you are not the Highway Po Po... even though you think you are.
Don't worry they will get me soon enough, and I'll pay.
Believe me, I'll pay. 

Why can't white women embrace wigs like our sisters from another mister?
I would be first in line for this.
My kids have warned me not to come anywhere near them, looking like Dolly, Cher or one of Charlies Angels.
Ha... I lived that real time.
No repeat necessary.

I don't understand why we resist?
Some days I want to be a brooding brunette, a hot red head or a bombshell blonde. 
For heavens sake, I've been all of those in real life (maybe without the bombshell or hot part, brooding, yes) so why can't we slip it on and off with our moods?
Think of the money on hair care products we would save.
And underneath it all we can be Demi in GI Jane. 
I've been an inch longer than that and loved it
Can you spell freedom? 
Cropped, short hair....
yikes, that is a great feeling.

And... I don't care if you wear sunglasses indoors. 
But... It's dumb.
I did that in high school. 
Had a heart sticker in the corner too.
Yeah, I was that cool.  
That's my Wednesday whine, not what I intended when I sat down here but got giggling over some things and well...
 Should have stuck to prayer.
Check in tomorrow and I'll share what God did for me yesterday. He is in the details and He showed that to me in a sweet way. :)

What are your pet peeves?
Share a few...


  1. I'm thinking you should post a pic of the Demi look.

    1. ha,ha... Demi's or mine? Wouldn't want Demi to feel bad.


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