Jan 19, 2013

Not You Again...

Psalm 24:1 says, 
"The earth belongs to the Lord. And so does everything in it.
    The world belongs to him.
 And so do all those who live in it. 
 He set it firmly on the oceans.
    He made it secure on the waters.

God values everything He made, earth, man, all of it.
The neighbor who annoys us.
The woman at work who has it all going on.
The one knocking at your door, selling you religion, magazines, best knives ever.
The driver in the left lane, in front of you.
The people of different faith, values, who we don't understand.
We don't have to.
We only need to love. 
Only love.
Big words.
Bigger action.
Love is an action word.

This earth and it's inhabitants belong to God. Let's strive to honor Him today by showing love, not just to the easy to love.

Love God, Love People.

That is the message of the Bible.
Do you believe it?



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