Jan 16, 2013

Wednesday Rewind... Lacrae

I posted this last year and as I read it over I smiled.... Run, don't walk. I've done some of that. Hope I do more this year. Enjoy.

My thoughts for 2012 are "Run, don't walk, to Him." Of course the Him being Christ. Hopefully the capitol H made that clear to you.
Running might describe one as being busy, active, doing..... running around like a chicken, you know the rest.
That is not my goal for this year. Running to Him will hopefully keep me centered to where I fit best, for His kingdom.
Running to Him in prayer, quietness, meditation and direction.
One thing I have learned is to give God the lead and stay in the background.
It reminds me of Lecrae's song, Background.

I know I'm safest when I'm in Your will, and trust Your Word
I know I'm dangerous when I trust myself, my vision blurred
And I ain't got no time to play life's foolish games
Got plenty aims, but do they really Glorify Your name
And it's a shame, the way I want to do these things for You
Don't even cling to you, take time to sit and gleam from You
Seems You were patient in my ignorance
If ignorance is bliss, it's 'cause she never heard of this.

I could play the background
I could play the background
Cause I know sometimes I get in the way
So won't You take the lead, lead, lead?
So won't You take the lead, lead, lead?
And I could play the background, background
And you could take the lead            check out the video below

I hope I can stay in the background this year, trusting God's plan and knowing He is the superstar and I can be a shining light for Him. Wanna play in the background with me?
It's gonna take lot's of prayer, but we can do it.
Take the lead Holy One

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