Feb 20, 2013


It has taken me many years to figure this out.
If I keep doing the same thing I've been doing, nothing changes.
I don't change, grow... stop bad habits,
Yes, I have a few.
I am thankful today is a new day.
A day to see opportunities and embrace them.

God has new opportunities for you and me.  I'm ready for them. 
Are you?

Today I went to a yoga class at a new gym.
They have an indoor and outdoor pool... this excites me.
I signed up for the membership.
There is no excuse.
It's so close to my house I could ride my bike.
It's snowing today so that doesn't seem a good option.
I was invited by a new friend...  who teaches the class.
Yes, God dropped this little gift in my lap and I'm not walking away from it.

I am doing a little freelance writing for a new publication in my neighborhood, starting today.
I see opportunities to be stretched, meet new people, learn new things.
Talk about a gift falling in my lap...

What is God calling you to today?
Do you sense His calling, because He is.
Stop, ask Him and listen.

He has new things for you to do today.
Go Do Them...
and share them with me.
 We need each other.

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