Feb 14, 2013

This Could Be Your Valentine Day... Again.

I can think of worse things than not getting a Valentine card today.
This picture sums up my worst fear.

Stale chocolate, sappy cards, and fake colored "fresh" flowers can all be found at this establishment, as well as others.
This is NOT the Valentines Day you want.

Instead, take the pressure off you and your guy.
It's a no win day... married, single, dating, divorced.
It's pretty much a set up for 90% of men who find themselves breathing today.
The other 10% get props, but recognize that 90% of men, including your buddies hate you .

It took me many years to figure out this is a no win day.
Most men are born knowing it.
Including my husband.

There are a few reasons for this truth. 
One, your guy pal, hubby, will be tired when he returns home. 
He will possibly or possibly not have remembered to go to Walmart.. gag.
He will not look like the men you constantly watch in movies and read about...
Bradley Cooper, Clive Owen, Ryan Reynolds, or Johnny Depp.
You get the picture... 

Do any of the men in the above picture look like the above mentioned men?
Need I go on? 

Or if you are lucky like me, he might look like them, but he still won't say the lovely things they say.
 Instead he will say, "Where is the ketchup" as he stares into the refrigerator, scratching his backside.
Or he will come home and say, "What's for dinner?"... giving you your first clue he didn't make a dinner reservation.

I spent a couple years of married life beating my husband up for sucking at special days. He does and he owns it. But, he is great at loving me, protecting me, wanting the best for me. You can't find that at Walmart.

This year he is off the hook.
Yea, he really is "off the hook" (sorry)
So what he doesn't buy into the Hallmark thing.
Everyday is a gift with him... some days a gift I'd like to return. 

Truthfully, he is a gift I never thought I would find.

Happy Valentines Day Sweetie. 
I love you to the moon and back.

Enjoy today, married or single.
It's a day... a day to rejoice and be glad.
A day God made and gave you breath to rejoice in Him.

AND... If your guy did go to Walmart... be nice, smile and be thankful.
I'm home watching Clive Owens look for ketchup.

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