Feb 13, 2013

What's In A Smudge... The Ashes Of Lent

 A smudge of ash on my forehead. 
A sign. 
A reminder... that this day will come to an end. 
I will come to an end.
 A cross pointing to the One who came to give us life, more abundantly.
We are destined for more... in Him.

I didn't grow up with this smudge.
I did not understand the significance of it.
I see the beauty and blessing in it now. 
Lent ~ Holy Spring
An outward sign, marking us to Him, The Creator of all.
An opportunity to feed my soul,
in remembering the six weeks...
leading up to the death and resurrection of my Savior.

We give something up... or,
we take something on. New attitudes, of gratitude, grace, brotherly love, prayer, simplicity.
Forty days to be immersed, converted, transformed.
A journey.

A smudge in the shape of a cross and words spoken.
"From dust you have come, from dust you will return."
From Genesis 3:19 when God spoke to Adam.
A reminder that we will die.
God's loving hand formed us from dust and to dust He we will return us.
The story doesn't end there... it takes a beautiful, magnificent turn.

We celebrate this season as it calls us to renewal.
 A resurrection occurred. The resurrection.
One that changed the course of our lives.
A Savior to the world.
To all who will accept Him, for the Truth that He is.
He welcomes all, to Him.
In peace, love and joy.
The message of His word.
Love God. Love People.

Thomas Merton wrote, "Lent is then not a season of punishment so much as one of healing."

 John 14:3, "And if I go prepare a place for you, I will come back and take you to be with Me that you may be also where I am."

May we find healing in Christ and know that He does prepare a place for us, forever.

How do you prepare for this season? 

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