Mar 9, 2013

Happy Saturday... From Your Flight Deck


Audrey Hepburn publicity photo for ‘Funny Face, 1957.

i wear this exact outfit all of the time
Happy Saturday!
I am not really jumping for joy right now.
I am waiting, maybe jumping a little... As in out of my skin.

Early to the airport sometimes gets you late out of the gate.
At least I was first in line, to hear the sad story of sick flight attendant, on call gal driving now up from Miami. Poor girl.

I offered to hand out coke, coffee and smart remarks.
I didn't even require pay.

I would do it for free and even smile.
I got a tiny chuckle...
After an eye brow raise.

The best was the gent next to me, repeating the scenarios of how to get to Palm Springs, and will he 
miss dinner or not.
He retained his jolly demeanor, in spite of the fact that his plans may take a 180.
   He ran every scenario to his wife, and those in hearing distance, 6 ways to Sunday and back. 
       I found myself joining in with possible plans, suggestions... inside I was screaming, "Dale, stop!"
                                                             This guy was no rookie. 

My head is starting to hurt.

Some days, flying is a bit like chasing toddlers. You end up exhausted, with snot on your shirt... lying in a chair, wondering what happened.
While never leaving the house, or airport.

My friend is now teaming up with others, 
also heading to Palm Springs. I think I see the beginning of a revolution.
He actually suggested to the representative on the phone that they hold the plane if there is more 
than two of them.
I love that attitude. That's a "Can Do" attitude. 
We need more of that people!

Each person in the very long, very slow line waited patiently to approach the lone gate agent. I witnessed cheerful, respectful, kind people. The same was returned to each person.
No one started out their day hoping to be sick, delay a plane, cause interruptions in others lives.
Life happens, and the only thing we can do is react.
What will that look like?
What will we offer to another as we pass shoulders, share an exchange, a smile, a courtesy?

One of my blessings was my seat mate.
A brilliant, gifted woman, who is making a difference in countless lives across the world.
Raising monies for the forgotten, the ones left behind, without education if not for the organization she gives many hours to.

Life is good.
I had a beautiful week with my sweet mom.
The sun is shining, the entertainment was free this morning and I'm headed to the Big D.
I'm going on 4 hours sleep... A nap is
in my future as well as the hubster and puppy waiting on the other end..

You better believe I am jumping for joy.

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