May 3, 2013

Friday Facts... Poison Ivy, The kentucky Derby and The God Of Details...

138th Kentucky Derby
Tomorrow is the Kentucky Derby.
I will be wearing a hat that has danced at the Derby... thanks to my beautiful friend Kelly.
No... the above hat is not the hat.
That resembles a small country.
I don't believe my neck could support that beauty.

I will be celebrating in Wichita... kinda like Louisville... except that it is Wichita and nothing like Louisville.
 At all.
Have you been there? Louisville?
Do you know how hard it is to correctly pronounce Louisville, like you are one of them? 
If you are not birthed there, you must take a prerequisite course, before moving in.
This is a fact.
Look it up.
 Okay, not really.

Today my son is in Indiana with his College track team.
He will be running the 800, looking for a P. R., 
personal record, so he can run in the fastest heat at Conference next week in Florida.
I love this boy and his commitment.

Last night he sent me a picture of a nasty looking foot, with red sores/swollen ugliness on it.
I asked, "Who's foot is that?" 
 I was praying he would not say it was his.
He responded, "Mine. Do you think this is poison ivy? 
Ask Dad."
Oh... because the surgeon would know poison ivy better than the mom.
Really Dan, you cut me to the bone.

I am hoping poison ivy somehow improves running times.
Perhaps the fact that the person is in such distress that they must run at record speed, so they can tear off shoe and itch foot.
Not sure if there is any scientific evidence to this thought.
Yesterday, I had lunch with a new friend. 
I love how God brings women into my life, who will make me better.
She runs a non profit counseling center. I am impressed with what they accomplish.
She paid me a compliment that was a God moment for me.
It was confirmation of something I desire and believe I am to do, but I am not sure how to go forward.
There is also some fear involved.
And doubt...
about myself.
 Just being honest.

Lunch was a blessing from God, in a week that started hard for me.
I had moments of doubt and sadness.
Each day I leaned more on Him and less on me...  He blessed me each day.
His word is Truth and He is faithful.
I learned that again this week.
This weekend... I will pray for my boy, that he runs the race of life well, both on and of the track.
That he honor God with his gifts.
I will attend a Derby Party to support a Pregnancy Center. God will bless me through His people, the ones I have not met yet. 
The ones that desire to serve Him.
I will think of this friendship God has given me and look forward to what he has for us.
It will be good, if it is for His glory.
All for Him.

In Hebrews 12 it says, "Let us run with patience, the race that God has set before us. We do this by keeping our eyes on Jesus, the pioneer and perfecter of our faith."

This life is a race, but we do not run alone. 
We run shoulder to shoulder, nudging and encouraging one another.
Who are you running beside today and who is God calling you to encourage? 
There is someone who needs you today.

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