May 2, 2013

I Am Praying For You On This National Day Of Prayer...

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  May 2nd brings cold, hard rain stinging my windows, a final reminder of winter. The heat back on.. after two days in the 80's. 
Thoughts of my dad's 80th birthday, though he celebrates in heaven. I see posts of first birthdays, 30th birthdays today, reminding me of the winds of change, the vapor of our days.
 I talk with my mom... the first week of May holding their anniversary. Prayers for healing and peace.

The nino, became a Junior yesterday... finals finished. We talked last night, many miles in between. I suggested he slow down his college experience and he agreed to stay a junior for the next year. He's funny like that.
His dad missed him, called to the hospital last evening.

A man I do not know, in need of an operating room and people to care for him. I said a prayer. 
Not old, but ill, his wife away... at the birth of their grandchild. 
Life doesn't stop. Babies do not wait.
The hubby returned home late in the night and left early, before I could ask of his patient. I will pray for both of them today. 

The boy will travel to Indiana today with his team. One more run before conference. His goals are high. He believes in himself. I believe in him. I will pray for him.. for quickness of speed, timing, health and joy.

A year ago we celebrated the daughters graduation from college. She toils long hours in the non profit world of social work now, with many responsibilities. I have never seen her happier. I will pray for her, safety where she travels and rest for her body and soul... and joy. Always joy.

Today is the National Day of Prayer.... perhaps we should treat each day as a day of prayer.

Pray for our leaders, our military, our country, our world, our children, our babies, our elderly population, 
the persecuted church, the hidden population of slaves in our world, many young women.. with no voice.
Pray for change.

I will pray for neighbors, friends, young ones... dealing with diagnosis of cancer, instead of laughing and dancing the days through college. I will pray for you... though I do not know your need. God does. He is big enough to handle those details.
Just pray.

Pray for peace... yes
the peace that passeth all understanding. Not the peace this world gives, but God gives.

The peace that calms the soul in the midst of the storm, the trial, the living, the dying.

John 14:27 "Peace I leave with you; My peace I give you. Not as the world gives do I give to you. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid."

 Pray today, for your needs, those you love and those you have not met.
God listens. God loves.
God is at work.

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