Jun 17, 2013

The Eternal Destiny Of The Present Moment... And Fix It Now God.

Do you ever feel weary of it all?
I do.
Last week was hard.
There was something big that I was praying about, two things but one that was closest on my mind.
It was important, necessary and serious.
A concern that hurts my heart.

The other was my boy, who was headed to Australia.
I prayed everyday for his trip, the long, exhausting travel... but this boy travels like a machine. Minimal luggage, debit card and passport.
 Thank you sister for handing it to him the night before he left.

I asked him how much cash he was taking... zero dollars was his reply. 
I shook my head, over the phone.
I asked if he had printed his ticket. He said he would get it at the airport.
This is the generation that learned to fly post 911.
 He's got his shoes,wallet and hat in the tub before you can get your ID back in your wallet.

The biggest surprise was that his family thought he was leaving Tuesday, but it was actually Monday.
His sister realized this as she was his ride to the airport.
 I can't worry about this boy.
He seems to know what he is doing, even if the rest of us have no clue.

He's the boy that told his dad if they were parachuting and the chute didn't open he would spin and acrobat all the way to glory. He commented on this after his dad mentioned that he would be scared *&%$#*@*.
"Why dad, you know where you are going? Enjoy the ride."
The perks of being a young gun...
and loving Jesus.
The dad had to agree with the boy.

So, as I knew Jesus had the boy in hand I focused on my other concern. My Monday morning was going to be spent in prayer, letting God know what was needed, and how to do it.
 Just general ideas for Him.
He's clever, He could figure out the details.
So when the phone rang at 7 am, the daughter telling us that one of the pups had vomited 10 times and did we know Dan was leaving today...
I was speechless, upset and immediately worried. 
Then I went back and forth to, "How much is this gonna cost us and she could die. Why didn't we buy the pet insurance?!"

Add to that, I had just returned Sunday night from two weeks away and was headed out that afternoon for four days.
I had a few hours to do laundry, repack and pray.

Prayer was quickly slipping away, being replaced with worry, panic, searching for answers.
The week continued this way.
My main concern had been pushed to the back, at least for a few hours.
Each day there were new things to decide regarding the sick dog....
The boy arrived on the other side of the world, intact.
I think.
I saw a picture on Facebook.
That's how I know.
Then I got a message,
Something about bringing his dress shoes to Nashville next time I go...
 Oh, and this, "I miss you and love you."
I am making a smiley face here.

The week was hard, frustrating, worrisome and expensive.

My prayer life suffered.
I felt deflated, anxious.
Certainly not peaceful.
The peace that comes through prayer.

A friend offered that most of these things could and would be solved.
I needed to hear that and it helped. 
My biggest concern, the one supposedly at the top of my prayer list... I have no answer for.
It's a God sized thing... and I thought He was snoozing on the job.
Then I read this.

"Oh my child, it is not appointed for you to know the future, nor to be able to discern beforehand My exact plans. It is enough that we should walk together in love and trust. No doubts need mar your peace, nor anxieties cloud your brow. 
Rest in the knowledge that My ways are perfect and My grace is all-sufficient. You will find My help is adequate, no matter what may befall you.
Let no one say to you,"This will be, or that will surely come to pass." Live rather in the awareness of the eternal destiny of the present moment. 
So much is waiting to be done now."
Come Away My Beloved
Frances J. Roberts
I was directed back to truth, God's truth. This allowed me to recognize the attack I was under.
I was to be praying... not worrying and feeling anxious.
These issues would be worked out, in God's timing.
There was so much waiting to be done.
Most of it was prayer.

My main concern was still my main concern, but my prayers were not focused there.
I am still correcting that.

The weekend arrived. All had gotten through their trials of the week and happy to call it Friday.
Much good was accomplished.
The weekend looked promising...
There were still unexpected frustrations, worries.
These things take time.
God reminded me that His grace is sufficient.

The daughter called this morning at 7:30.
The other pup had her up early, very sick.
Details not being shared.
Trust me.
Poor girl.
There were tears in the dear girls eyes.
She was tired...
and looking at a full week of work.
Oh my... 

Lord, remind me... to live in the awareness of the eternal destiny of the present moment.
I get it.
I believe it...
Your grace is sufficient.
I trust YOU with the biggest concern on my mind. 
I know you are the Rock, Redeemer, Healer, Great Physician.

I also want to remind You that I need you to take care of my girl and her puppies... right now.
Right. Now.
Thank you God.

What steals you away from prayer?
Do you recognize when you are being attacked?
The faithful who prays, his words are heard by our Father... the evil one doesn't want you to pray.
Let that be our motivation.

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