Jun 4, 2013

Wednesday Observations...

I'm in Nashville this week.

Walking one of the dogs this morning, a young woman in pj's shrieked at me... I ask her what was wrong and she hollered, "I'm afraid of dogs." I pointed to the leash and collar and the fact that I was across the street from her. She laughed nervously as she continued to eat her bag of chips from, Ricks Market - Coldest Beer In Town. So cool that you're our neighbor Rick... we'll never be with out a cold one.

I believe Tennessee drivers may be the worst drivers in the world. I thought it was Missouri, but I think Tennessee wins. You should pray before you get in your car here. Stop signs are mandatory, not a suggestion, and why are you going 45 mph in this hood anyway? Don't you know there are dogs and cats running free? You are really, really bad drivers. Isn't there a test in this state?

I have come to believe dog parks are pretty unfriendly. Everyone is on their cell phone, ignoring their dog (and the sign saying, stay off your cell)... doing his business and needing a drink from the water fountain. No one talks to each other. You are setting a bad example for your dogs and I hope you don't have kids.

When you go into the grocery store or mall you will probably see someone famous. Don't stare, in fact don't look at them... Until they walk by. Then turn around and gawk... And wonder how a voice so big, can come out of a body so small.
When you go to the parking lot, try and figure out which Land Rover is theirs.

A lot of people have tattoos. Why does it seem rude to stare at them? We should be asking what they mean, what was going on their life at that time, what's the story behind them? Instead of looking at them, I look away, like they are naked and exposed.
Weird, I know.

Yesterday the nino and I went to Home Depot. We spend vast amounts of time and money there.
I saw this dad with his little girls. They were darling cute. They were jumping from bag to bag of mulch, compost, dirt stuff...
He teased them saying they were on poop and should get off. This caused them to become hysterical and jump more. It was pretty funny.
It was sweet to see a dad and his girls, enjoying themselves. Being a family. Healthy. Kind. Loving.
Later I was looking at grasses and the dad asked me a question about them.
I told him that I had been unable to find the tall grasses I needed for our yard.
He said he had been given some and could not use them all and I was welcome to them.
I told him thanks for the offer, but...
My N.Y. said no, but he offered a couple times and then I thought, why not?
So, we stopped by his house on our way home, and now I have two lovely grasses planted.
Sure, he saved me some dollars, and more frustration in not finding what I wanted.
He had exactly what I could not find, anywhere, at any cost.
More than that...
he showed a kindness,
a gift, for someone he did not know.

Is that not how we should treat others each day?
so... a shout out to that sweet dad and his beautiful girls.
I will thank you as I watch my garden grow.

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