Jun 2, 2013

Understanding The Story Written On Your Heart... Don't You Want To Know?


So... there is this church.
 Hard to describe... it's unlike any church I... and probably you, have attended. 
It's un-church-like, except for the loving Jesus, praising God part.
I go there when I am in Nashville.
 Each time I walk in the doors, it digs a little deeper, down in my heart. That place often ignored, yet hungry for love, attention and purpose.

Their motto is...
"Everyone is welcome, nobody is perfect, anything is possible."

I am in Nashville often...
 my kids live there...
so does my heart.

Today they began a series called 
Cover To Cover.
The Word.
The Bible.
The Good Book.
In five weeks.


Do you know this story?
The one written on your heart?
Do you believe in the God of the Bible?

It's okay if you don't.
But here is an opportunity.
No one will know.
Well, God will know, but you might not believe in Him anyway.

You can watch this series online.
You can begin to understand what The Bible is all about, why it was written and what the message is.. 
To You. 
And Me. 
Cross Point Church

Find out why you are here and who loves you...
more than you could ever hope, dream or imagine.

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