Aug 28, 2013

He Thinks You Are Divine...


 "The problem with this world is it doesn't fit. 
Oh, it will do for now, but it isn't tailor made. We were made to live with God, but on earth we live by faith. We were made to live forever, but on this earth we will live, but for a moment.'
Max Lucado ~ Grace For The Moment

It's true.
This is not our home and we will only live here for a moment.
We play pretend, thinking we will live forever... what is that compared to eternity?
A vapor, a speck of time,
a season of spring, quickly turning to winter.

God tells us He has a plan for us, a divine plan.
Divine is... well, you know.
It's the best, not the good enough, the so, so, or get me through another day, Sweet Jesus.
It's divine.

And... He gives us His secret weapon.
But we must search, pray and wait for it.
His Spirit, Holy.. which He gives when we ask.

His words says,
"No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has known,
what God has prepared for those who love Him."
1 Corinthians 2:9

What God has prepared for those who love Him.
God is preparing for you, today and tomorrow.
Things you cannot imagine. 
Divine things.

"Do not hold back in wonder and disbelief. Accept my life in the Spirit as it is. Do not require Me to operate within the limitations of your life. I am calling you to give My Spirit within you the liberty to move out into the dimensions of the infinite."
Come Away My Beloved ~ Francis Roberts

God offers us His Spirit while we are walking around this earth.
It fills us, and we become His hands and feet.
I'd rather do life in the Spirit, than out of it.
Life is tough and I want to see it though His eyes, His mercy, His healing, His grace.

Are you letting God lead you through His Spirit? Do you believe in the wonder and mystery of it?
Will you give Him liberty to move through you, in ways you cannot imagine?

This world may not fit us, but His Spirit does... and it's divine.
Let's say yes to adventure with Him.

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