Sep 8, 2013

"Though You Slay Me" - Shane and Shane

This is a beautiful, powerful reminder of what this life is all about.
There will be days we feel attacked, our world wrenched apart, our guts torn out.
But there is hope... always hope, because He is REAL.

Bless His name, because He loves you.... no matter the circumstances you find yourself in today.
He is enough for us.
He is our protector, our great Healer, the Lover of our soul.
Let Him produce in us... a glory, that will grow loud and bold and scream out His name. Yahweh, God of heaven and earth.
Focus on His Truths. Preach His word into your hearts... that you are cared for and loved by the God of the universe.

Sing a song, to the One, who is all we need.
Blessings to you my friend.

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