Oct 9, 2013

Draw Your Story...

I heard this recently from a storyteller.
He shares his story to nudge us into awareness of our own story.
So not to miss our life.

                   Below is a diagram of life. Start at the beginning and don't finish, unless...
 you get the idea.
Highlight the positives and negatives of your life.
The conflict.
 Think - Joseph from the Bible if you know his story,
or the story of FDR. 
A life that became great, because of tragedy and pain.

A life that makes a difference... that would be yours.
Your turn.


born                                                                                         you got married(happy day)
    |                                                                                                |                                                         
                             your dog died(sad day)
                        you failed kindergarten(really bad day)

                                                             ALL THE STUFF WE CALL CRAPPY
                                                                                   DOWN HERE.

I wrote a few examples, mostly silly. 
If you failed Kindergarten, I apologize. 
I hope things have improved since then.

Look at your diagram, your life... on a sheet of paper, along the black line.

It's so much more isn't it... when something difficult happened? How did you continue?
Did you doubt God? 
Do you see God's provision through the conflicts of your life, when looking back?
We don't realize how God will work through us on this journey, but be assured He has a plan.

Conflict and suffering build a good life.
God uses us when we are willing to go into battle with Him.
We always have a choice.

We can fall apart... or we can fall into Him.
When we fall into Him, He picks us up and leads us onto straight paths.

We will look back and see a story worthy of living, 
not afraid of either side of the back line, as if it were a tightrope. 
Simply a line that He crosses both sides of,
as He walks this journey with us.

How is your line... your life looking?
Is it still hard to see beyond the tough times?
Do you need to lean more into Him?

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