Oct 10, 2013

You Want Radical...

There is a woman who gave up everything, to go and live among the poor. Like Mother Theresa, but in my          community.
She sold everything she owned, quit her job, moved to transitional housing to help the lost, forgotten and hurting. 
She is a educated, articulate and took Jesus words, "Feed my sheep" literally.
Isn't that how He meant them?

Let's be honest.
 There are days we might feel put out if we had to spend an afternoon at a shelter or a soup kitchen.
She moved in.
Heart and soul.

She read Radical and it changed her life.
I read Radical...
I really, really liked it.
It made me think.
But, did it make me Act, Do, Move?

 One of the best decisions I ever made was volunteering at my local Pregnancy Resource Center.
Later being offered a job where I would be forever changed by the women working there and the ones who walked through the door each day.
I learned what grace, mercy and love meant... 
They are action words.

That's the life I want.
It's an action word.
What makes you radical?

Luke 18: 22-23
"Jesus said to him, 'You still lack one thing. Sell all that you have and come follow Me.' But when he heard this, he became very sorrowful because he was very rich."

It's not our wealth that keeps us from God. It's the holding on to it, believing it is ours. It's a heart problem.
Everything we have comes from and belongs to Him. 
Let's live hands wide open.

That would be radical!

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