Oct 17, 2013

John Acuff... Kitchen Blogger... Dreamer...Builder of 2 schools in vietnam... Famous In The Eyes Of God.

 John Acuff at Lipscomb University... where my son attends. 
His words are for all ages.
 Listen for the little moments, the words spoken to you by a stranger, a child, a passing moment when something clicks inside us. Maybe a passion, a dream... to follow the desire of our heart.

"Figuring out what you are called to do, what God uniquely put you on the planet to do, is more an act of recovery, than an act of discovery. An act of you rescuing what you loved and was lost." J.A.

This happens to all of us...dreams are dashed, we listen to the voices in our heads, reminding us we are not good enough, smart enough, no one will read that, buy that, believe that. 
These are lies.. and we all suffer this lying disease.

God says we are new creatures, every day.
He is the Creator of the universe. He knows our name. The whole universe knows who we are.
We are all famous, because He loves us.
He sent His Son for us. He sent us a rescue mission... 
The world, and culture tells us differently. 
Don't' believe it.

God has plans for us...
and we will never out dream God... for our lives.

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