Oct 31, 2013

There Are Days... Just Do The Next Thing

 I was struggling with something recently, not a big surprise. 
It was a battle, a wrestling match with God.
Where do I fail Him, let Him down, 
when I know I am searching Him for my life, 
the next step.  
Does my frustration, my lack of contentment equal disappointment to Him, or is He molding me through this time of... 
searching, digging in, leaning in to Him... though not patiently waiting?

I am still struggling, but God and I are engaged. 
We are in this together.

There are days we are unsure, 
of the unknown, the undiscovered. 
Fearful of the day ahead and what it may hold. 
There are days we wish we could stop time, call it back, dig it deep into the ground, keep it safe... for another day.
Comfort and security calls and we answer quickly. If we can control it, fix this and that... all would be well.

This is not the life we are called to. There are days we understand this and move closer. 
On the days we struggle, perhaps if we simply remind ourselves....  
Just Do The Next Thing.
The next thing He has called us to.
Don't worry if it doesn't make sense. 
Don't worry. 
Don't fret. 
Don't create messes that only exist in your head. Don't fill yourself with lies only you believe.
Just Do The Next Thing.

Don't look too far ahead. Instead look at Him and trust.

Do The Next Thing. Thank Him. 

When we do this, God cheers.
Where are you today? 
Do you need to Just Do The Next Thing?
Go ahead.

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