Feb 26, 2014

You Rock...


 I read the message on my iPad.
"Dale, Hope you are doing well! This may be completely random but I just wanted to send you a message and let you know that I have been reading your blog. 
I have been a blog reader for years now and between the fashion and photography, yours is one of my absolute favorites. I am so thankful for women like you who are willing to take time and share your thoughts and passions online. 
You have always inspired me since High School and I just wanted to let you know that you still do. Some of my fondest memories in High School were learning from you and alongside you about Jesus. Thanks for your intentionality and your transparency, Jesus shines right through you. Love, Emily
Wow. My eyes started raining.

Last night as I pulled into my driveway my beautiful friend swooped in behind me. Twenty four, planning her wedding, sure to look like a Vogue bride. Gorgeous and more importantly, she's as real as the Kansas sun. We had a glass of wine, talked about the magazine she creates, writing, wedding plans, faith and marriage. Two hours flew by and I felt my heart smiling.

Today I opened the door to my beautiful Egyptian friend, just twenty. Her smile lit up as she shared,
"I had to say goodbye to you." I assured her I'm not going anywhere yet, or permanently.
This young woman shared words with me...." Sometimes people come into your life for a little while, but they make big impacts... I hear your voice in my head... things you have said to me in the past.... I wish we had met earlier.
Wow. My eyes are raining.

These ladies are gems...
These three moments, three women... made me smile.
They reminded me of my purpose, my passion.
Sometimes I forget. Sometimes I doubt.... what I know deep down to be true.
My passion is encouraging the next generation... life, faith, and the heartache and joy that dances alongside.

I am reminded that our words have power. To build up or destroy.
I remember kind words that have encouraged me. I also remember words that seemed like daggers to my soul, making me doubt myself.
If I have had the tiniest positive influence on these ladies, then my cup runs over.
These women are going to change the world.
They are brave and honest women of character.

There is nothing special about me.
This is not even about me.
It's all about you, them, others.

We all have opportunities to engage.
When you feel urged to share a kind word, an encouragement, do it.
We must share words that build up.
We must.
Because... We Rock Ladies.

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