Sep 24, 2014

Who Are You When You Write It Down?

Who are you when you have to write it down... on paper?
This is hard for me, yet clarifying.
 It's a commitment, as if I have signed a document swearing to uphold, protect, be... real.
It makes me dig deep, look inwardly for a few minutes to be sure my walk is lined up with my talk. 
I'm a slow learner but I'm getting there. My daughter is twenty four and she has known who she is for years. 
She helped process my gifts and talents and we understand how we differ and compliment one another. 
What joy that is. 
I recently needed to provide a bio. 
I've written them before, boring lists of information no one wants to read. How do you talk about yourself without appearing puffed up? Trust me, there is no puffing up going on over here.
This time I decided to just go with my heart. 

dale carroll-coleman

Married to the Bobster, mama to Sunny (Alexandria) and the Nino (Daniel).
Born and raised in N.Y., she and the hubs moved to the land of corn, Champaign, IL. to raise their family, and cheer for all things Illini! The family gravitated to Nashville, TN. for school and work and this is where community is being built. 

Dale is an ENFJ on the personality charts which means she rarely gets tired, loves to meet people, go places and do fun things…. while her family wishes she would just take a nap, so they could. 
Dale loves building genuine community, meeting people different from herself and learning from them. One of her greatest joys is watching people find their God given talents and use them for His kingdom. When we say, “Here I am God, have your way.” That is joy. 

Dale was The Director Of Volunteers at Living Alternatives, A Pregnancy Resource Center in Champaign, Illinois, where she learned what grace truly looked like. She credits her bosses and coworkers for showing her every day what it means  to lay your life down for one another. Dale was an active board member for FCA and Pinnacle Forum (Transforming Leaders to Transform Culture) and led the first Women’s Pinnacle Forum group. Pure Joy! She has mentored high school women through small groups and camps. 
She and her family are finding authentic community at Cross Point Church in Nashville and look forward to God’s continued opportunities that sometimes come through storms and other times sunshine. 

She clings to words that remind her of her purpose and goals. 

“I am to be about my Fathers business.”

“I will never regret the times I was generous, only greedy.”

and finally, “Ruthlessly eliminate hurry.”

Dale writes at

She also talks (a lot) and sometimes speaks, on topics related to life, loss, courage and when life takes that left turn. 

What would your Bio say if you put pen to paper right now?
Write it. Read it. 
Is it who you think you are or who you want to be?
If not, write a new one and start living it today. 

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