Apr 12, 2015

The Week In Review. The Funny, The Ridiculous and Please Pray for All My Friends...

Canine Papilloma Virus
photo by Peter Sheik

I am sitting on my back deck, the sun wonderful, yet making it hard to type. The temps will hit the low 80's today. Behind my house is a church by a name that is too long to remember and attended by people who's voices sing rich and clear and cannot be contained inside brick and mortar.
Hallelujah, can I get an amen?!
Easter was a week ago, a high point of our first year in Nashville. The hubs and I opened our doors wide and forty people walked in. If you know me, you know I had a smile a mile wide. It was glorious as each person has a story, some I know, others I plan to know. They painted a beautiful picture of Easter for me.

This week offered me the chance to meet two local artists, one who's art work greets you as you enter our house. We drank tea from cups that my grandmother and her friends drank from forty years ago. It was sweet moment. These women, singers, songwriters, painters, teachers, showed me a glimpse of their world and I am richer for it.

The week brought opportunity to meet with young women, struggling with hurts and fears, some trying to take them down for good. Each week I meet someone struggling, believing lies, yet trying to claw their way to freedom. It is one of the main reasons we have chosen to live here, to be a voice of Truth and grace. I am not sure where this will lead, but if I am being obedient, trusting God with the details, then I have no worries.

Life is full of hard moments and caring about others, praying for them is serious, heavy stuff. Yet God is wisdom and love and grace and He allows laughter and joy and even silliness to fill our lives some days. He carries our burdens and brings joy to our souls.
A week is not all one feeling or one opportunity, but a variety of experiences that make us rich.

Yesterday the daughter and I tried a new place for brunch/lunch. The hubs was stuck in Oz on call and I never arrived in Oz because of the week's horrendous weather in those ten hours that separate us.
I reminded him today that he is probably better off not being here as the Monday morning airport commute will be a zoo, with 70,000 NRA folks trying to depart our fine city. This would mostly annoy him as he is not a gun enthusiast, possibly the long years spent in Newark, trying to save peoples lives from gun shot wounds. He might consider embracing the locked and loaded mentality, but I wouldn't put all my ammo in that basket.
He is however married to a woman who carried a pistol permit in N.Y. and an Illinois Foid card and knows where the bullets are. He would go for a golf club no doubt.

Back to brunch. The daughter ordered something that one might put ketchup on.... a burger. She asked for ketchup and the waiter, with a haircut and beard like an amish farmer, kindly stated they didn't carry ketchup. My daughter quickly smiled and said, "Is this a stance you guys are taking?!" He and I burst out laughing. He repeated her line walking away and later brought us some home made barbecue sauce.
Seriously, Nashville farm to table restaurants..... stop taking yourselves so seriously. It's exhausting.  Besides, most of us grew up farm to table with grandparents who grew gardens the size of your city lots. These people knew the value of good food and a buck. Remember the depression? Of course you don't. Me neither... but it happened.
These folk also had the good sense to buy a bottle of Heinz 57.... Instead of making their own out of cooked down, smashed down, labor intensive, tomatoes.

It was all good, he was nice, and the best was him walking away repeating her words. The hubs says she missed her other calling, Alexandria Badass Coleman, Attorney At Law.

I'm learning since our move that my husband cannot be trusted.... with a credit card. He has always been a saver but since he quit cable TV he is out of control. Never did I think I would welcome the $200 monthly cable bill.
Three seasons now he has bought Broadway Series tickets for a city neither of us live in. Yes, I kind of think he is the most romantic guy ever for doing this, but don't tell him.

This morning he asked me if I wanted to go see a Preds/Blackhawk Hockey game. What?! No. I'd rather have liposuction or a new road bike or well, anything but a hockey game. That's nuts buddy... and expensive.
An hour later he sends me confirmation of ticket purchase and something about... A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do. He was headed to his closet to look for his Blackhawk Jersey. I think I got rid of it during our last move. I mean come on, those things are weird, right? Don't mention this to him if you see him.
So if you see me Friday night, I'll be the one with the cow bell... not, and something slightly more attractive than an oversized sports jersey with an unbendable logo on the front. Speaking of bullets, I swear they must be bullet proof. And what's up with hockey season anyway... it never ends!

The week would not have been complete without the birthday parade that occurred down the street yesterday. It was a combination Mardi gras, birthday, drag queen, best three minute parade I've ever seen, all in honor of someones 60th birthday.
Beads were thrown, cheering occurred and I imagine much imbibing and revelry was had as they paraded on to the Lipstick Lounge, a local joint.
For the record, I want a parade for my 60th birthday! Many, many, many moons from now. Geesh.

The weird person highlight of my week was last night. We took the two young weimeraners to the dog park as the sun was setting.  At one point I glanced over to the doggie water fountain and saw this dude stooping down, cupping his hands in the communal water bowl. He lifted hands to his mouth and drank up... then repeated, saying with much bravado to those staring at his crazy #$%, "Hey, it's not gonna hurt you."

Minutes later I watched him bypass the entry gate and jump the fence. He then reached over and pulled his dog up by the arm/leg pits. Hmm. Perhaps a phobia to fence gates or latches or.... other dogs. He did state to someone, "My dogs not real good with other dogs, so watch your dog." Dude, why are you here? It's a dog park. Friends, your voting public.

The best, the belly laugh of my day was when another dog walked by the water bowl and lifted his leg, while other dogs happily continued to drink. I wanted to shout,"Hey buddy, come back, I have a treat for you." I'm sure he would have scooped it up stating, 'It's sterile you know. "Speaking of hoping things are sterile...

I hope you had a week full of joys and blessings and celebration. Keep looking up and remember to fill yourself with Truth, so when you meet those who are hurting, fearful and afraid, you can share out of the overflow of your life. Make good choices and don't always feel you have to drink out of the water bowl.

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  1. This was soooo fun to read!!!! Thanks for sharing your week! And I will help plan your parade in due time! Loves!!!


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