Jul 24, 2015

Friends... I'll Be There For You.

When I texted my new friend today, the one I met last month. The one who wore a British cap, leggings (yes, they make those) and brought half (yes, half) a British ice cream cake to my house in 100 degree temps. She texted me from her car, after leaving her son's birthday party. 
His birthday is in January (I think) and asked if I had freezer space. 
Where do we start with that?
The birthday party... the freezer space? 
She was on her way to my house along with 75 other women and this is what she asks. 

If you think for minute there's a chance I could not have this woman in my life, no way. 
This is my kind of quirky, crazy, bring it on friend
 I need more of.
 Let's go. 
So I texted her this morning and her response... "I can't talk right now, I'm about to go on TV." 
So, there ya go. Can I pick em or what?! 

The one who asks me to help her with something
 in her house, and we get together with our sweet husbands and share dinner. 
They are solid, the husband is crazy.
 (I like that)
"How exactly did your hot air balloon land in Canada and you get arrested?"
 This woman I find I have much in common with, she is so easy to be around. 

The one I met through the one I love, who invites me to the Hillsong concert and her small group and her life. She is going to be a life long friend. I can feel it. 

The one who goes to the Tomato Festival with us for a second year in a row because we are family. This time with a baby tomato on the way (sorry:)) This family that I love so much. 

The ones I sit on my porch with on evenings and share life, heartache, joys, sorrows. These souls that laugh loud and make my stomach hurt. They are mostly young and I love them so. 

The one I met who writes beautiful words. We connected because of loss and we fill something in each other. I will never be her mom, but there are moments I want to hug her and call her daughter and tell her how much her mama loves her and how proud she is of her. 

The one I met and immediately knew her character and integrity. The one who's mom is dying and I tell her I am here for her, though I know I cannot do anything... really, but I care so much for this sweet woman, who loves her mom so much. She is a good daughter.  

The ones, neighbors who ask if they can get married in our backyard. We have rich conversations about important things and we love them. 

The one who went through a serious illness at 23 last fall, slept many hours here, binge watched Friends on Netflix, never complaining, only smiling. This same one laughing on our porch last night after sharing with me how she has been accepted into Law School. 

The ones who walked through our gates Tuesday night, to connect with other women. Seventy six women... who sat on the floor, shared space and gave voice and ear to one another. The ones who held cameras and phones and did new things and were not afraid. The ones who spoke because they knew what they had to say mattered. 

These new friends. Each one of them I consider a friend, and I cannot wait to get to know them better!

I gotta shout it out! When you tell God you are totally available... watch out!!
He brings the goods and thankfully it's in my love language... People!!

We don't forget, the people we love who we raised our babies with, who we share blood with and who we did life with. We are all still family. 
But we add and multiply and we share the joy of this sweet life. 
I must shout out my praise to my God because I am grateful, always grateful. 

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