Jul 16, 2015

I'm Cheating On You...

Hey sweet blog. The one who held my heart and formed my words when I was in dark places. The one who reminded me that I was enough, could fight through, claw my way up. The one who made me laugh and cry... yada, yada... Yeah, you.
I remember you. But... I've been cheating on you.

Of course you've noticed. Late nights and early mornings when I didn't show up, my side of the screen blank, obviously never logging on.

I traded rich words for clever phrases... profound pictures (most with hands cupped into a heart, sun streaming behind) but can you blame me? No one wants to read a blog anymore... they are too busy connecting to Periscope, tweeting and checking their bio on Crystal.

Instagram stole my heart. But I'm sure it won't last. There will be others who come slinking around, peddling their empty promises, wrapped in hearts popping into the air as I share truths and...?

Periscope, you are calling me with your sultry words.... Carol from Denver "do you like clowns?"
Nancy from Des Moines, "butter or margarine?" Sheila from Jersey, "What do think of those housewives? We don't really tawk like that!"
That whole thing terrifies me... I've never been good with a filter, I mean without one... and well, you can't stuff it back in once it's out there.

Maybe we can share our worlds dear kind hearted, nurturing, key sucking blog.
I'm not leaving you for good. Just don't want to go steady anymore.

I'm at  thegirlnamedale on instagram.
dale carroll-coleman on Periscope... when I dive down that rabbit hole.
Twitter too... but who cares? I'm looking for the next big thing.

Let's connect.

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