Oct 8, 2010


Suffering and pain were not Gods intention for us. HE created a world that was perfect, without blemish or flaw.  Like an airbrushed model in a magazine?   No, she isn't perfect, just airbrushed.  A form of deceit we might say.
Perfect doesn't need a cover up.  It doesn't need soft lighting or trick photography.  It is perfect because it is pure.

We cant really understand this because we will never know perfection this side of heaven. Everything we have that we consider perfect is a cheap imitation. It is pleather instead of soft, buttery leather,
and even that is imperfect because sin has affected the cow who wears it.  It is nothing compared to heaven and what God has intended for us.

So, we suffer, because man had a choice and he chose to sin.  God loves us enough to give us a choice. He is a gentleman and never forces his love on us.  He is always waiting though, with outstretched arms to pick us up, look us eyeball to eyeball and say," I love you my child. I have loved you since the day I created you and even before. You are perfect in my sight and I am going to love you forever ."
Then he gives us the warmest, comforting hug that is better than anything we can imagine!!
Do you believe this?  I do and I would bet my life on it!  Its called faith.  Faith in the God of heaven and all creation.  Look around you.  He shows himself every morning, new and fresh..... and this is not heaven .  This is the earth that groans with the pains of sin. Can you imagine what heaven will be like?? Me neither:)... but its gonna be awesome!

Suffering is hard and doesnt go away just becasue we are Christ followers.  Sometimes it gets worse.  All of the disciples( the first Christ followers) but one, died a martyrs death.  Why should we expect better and yet most of us will only suffer some insults for our choice of faith... if we even share that faith.

I believe suffering grows us in our faiths.  It has worked that way for me.  I would not be as passionate as I am for Christ if I had not lost everything at one point in my life.  You see, i thought I lost everything, but God had not left me and HE placed in me a joy in HIM.  I didn't have this joy until HE took the one thing I didn't think I could survive without.  Ah, the wisdom of God compared to man.  No comparison!

I have a friend who is suffering greatly right now.  She is a true Christ follower.
 She is a bright, beautiful , accomplished woman who shows Jesus immediately through her smile.  But, she is in pain. She is dealing with things most of us will never know or begin to understand.  She has walked in faith and taken risks that most of us would be terrified to take. She believes in a big God though and knows he goes before her and prepares the way.  Still, she is suffering.
Does this mean God has left her or forsaken her?  No, this means it is time to call on him, minute by minute. It is time to persevere and let Jesus pick her up, look her eyeball to eyeball and say, "I love you and I will never leave you or forsake you. Trust me , my precious daughter and I will bring you through these deep waters. My ways are not your ways but I will bless you. Of that you can always trust." And then he will hug her so deeply with such comfort that she can rest from her weariness in the only comfort she will ever know this side of heaven.

Joshua 1:9 " be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid or discouraged. For the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.

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