Sep 1, 2011

Thank You God

What if you woke today with only what you thanked God for yesterday? 

What a thought, what an idea, what a horrible reality that would be.... for all of us.

No matter how tough our days are, the ugly things we may be dealing with.
Our reality is... we are blessed.
Do we thank God for all the GOOD He brings our way?
Our friends, our health, our families, the kindnesses shown to us, the choices of foods He has created. The morning sky, with promises of a new day. The beauty of a risen moon, reminding us of the One who provided the stars that shine beside it.

Though there are struggles, at work, in the home, with our health... we have much to be grateful for. 
Wherever He has placed us today, we can find blessings and joy.
If we know the Savior of the world.... we can leap for joy!

What do you want to thank HIM for today?

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