Nov 8, 2011

Happy Birthday Sunshine!

Today is my sweet girls birthday... 22 years old and so beautiful.
She is the light of my life, the butter to my jam, the dill to my pickle, the bees knees..... I just love this girl, what can I say.

I wish my sweet Alexandria a happy day, a year full of surprises, joyful moments, deep belly laughs and memories that will last for all her days. 

Enjoy each moment my sweet one and know you are loved....
You are a chosen child of God who has planned your days and ordained your steps.
May you always know love and mercy. May grace and compassion be your daily companion.
I love you sweet sunny one.

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  1. Happy Birthday to Alexandria! I remember the day she was born.. So much time has passed and yes, she is as beautiful as you!! I know you are proud. Dale, you are such a great Mom. I love your posts... I love you! XO


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