Nov 2, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Today is my Birthday...
They say it's a big day, a big year... a big deal.
I disagree.
I do love birthdays. I love to celebrate them, especially my children's... I do. But, I do not think the number is a big deal.. unless you are 16, or 21 or maybe 101.. and then you probably don't care either.

Today IS a day to be thankful for life as I know it.

I am thankful for cake... moist and rich, chocolate or yellow... with buttercream icing. For the color pink, for newborn babies, for the seashore, the smell and taste of it. The blue sky of summer, warm sun, smell of fresh cut grass after the rain, and the first snow of the season. That always gets me.

Mostly  ....  I am thankful for faith. Faith in God and His son Jesus. I am humbled by this grace filled blessing in my life. There is no place to start but here..... I am because He is.

I am thankful for good health, physical, emotional and spiritual.
This sentence probably deserves its own paragraph.
We treat it as a given, until we do not have it. Then we would give everything else on our list, for it. 

I am thankful for a peaceful heart, in the midst of the storm.
I am thankful for a man who loves me, protects me, pushes me ... my best friend.
For family, scattered around the country, but still close to my heart. 
For a son and a daughter whom I adore. 
Friends, who nurture me in ways they are unaware. 
For kind words that soothe my soul and soften the worlds blows.
Reminders of memories watching my children grow. 
Sweet times, too soon over.

I am thankful for the future. 
Knowing that the days ahead are planned by the God who created the heavens and earth and cares enough for me to plan a life, moment by moment.
I will have no fear.

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