Apr 11, 2012

Do You Follow The Good Enough Plan?

The hubby and I were in Nashville Easter weekend. A high point to these weekends is doing church at Crosspoint where our daughter attends. 
It is a huge church, with great music, yet without all the bells and whistles (yeah) and lots of warmth. 
There is a feeling in this place that gives me peace. 
It's a church I could sink my heart deep into if I lived here. 

A place where Jesus is shared in a way that I think is pleasing to Him. 
They say they want to be a place that you can belong to, even before you might believe in
It's a safe place.

Church can be scary. 
Let's face it, if you have not been brought up in the church, or if you have..... church can be intimidating and just kind of weird. 
No one wants to be judged and that is what we "Christians" seem to be known for. 
That's not our job. 
Our job is to LOVE... as Christ loved and to share all truth in LOVE. 
This place understands that.... ah, perhaps why there are so many people here.

One of the pastors, Pete.... think Dana Carvey 
(some of you have no idea who he is.. tsk tsk, sad for you)
 speaks truth. 
He is solid in his teaching, always intermixed with humor, directed at himself, his family and also others. 
Humor has become important in modern day church. 
I get this.
 I love to laugh at others.... and also myself. 
There's a lot to laugh about.

However..... his message was clear and serious.
He spoke about contentment in our lives.. which we find through the salvation we receive in Christ, because of His death and resurrection. 
But, we must accept this... or try other ways.

I can try the good enough plan, the comparison plan, or rely on the grace plan. 

Good enough might work, because when I compare myself to you, or someone else, I seem better, my sins less. Some believe this their whole life, while others quickly see through the lie that it is.

I can try the comparison plan...  this gets tricky because I will always find someone who really has it all together, when I am just faking it while trying to keep my head above water. They might be faking it too.... so we are all in the same boat, and it's quickly sinking.

Then there is grace....

Grace, Grace .... all is Grace.

He hit home with me when he said, "Sometimes we believe that more of what isn't working, will work."
Crazy, but I know I fall into this.
When you say it, write it, shout it.... it is ridiculous.
More of what you know doesn't work, will not magically start working.

Good enough and comparison will not work
Those plans are me working.. at a work I cannot accomplish.
I need Christ and the work He already did on the cross, the shedding of His blood for me....
that is grace.... all is grace.

Grace - Gods unmerited favor.
There is nothing and will never be anything I can do to earn Gods grace. He gives it freely, when we come to Him and accept His gift, and a gift is always free.

That is true contentment.
I hope you have contentment in your life today.

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