May 1, 2012

My Daughter.....

Four years ago I sent my sweet sunny girl off to The University... far, far away. .. in the land of Nod. 
Okay, it was the land of Nashville, also known as Hipstertown, Nashvegas, Music City.... 5 1/2 hours away to be exact.
It was a hard decision, for all.
Joyfully ..... looking back, it was the right decision.

This young girl is now a grown woman who graduates on Saturday. She is finding her way and hopefully..... finding a job. 
She claims this town as her own, buying into the community, even buying a roof over her head.

She knows who she is and Whom she belongs too.
She is deep, introspective, thoughtful and kind. 

Through these years of transition, I have come to believe it's not so much the academic courses you take, but the people and experiences along the way, that mold you. 
Profound, I know.

Challenges, joys, freedoms... they are all rolled into these days, that pass too quickly... for all involved.
Too soon, graduates are scooted out the door, onto the steps of reality as the cap and gown are handed back. You shed a silent tear, as you recognize.... they have no idea what's ahead..

One thing I know.

" Be Still and Know That I Am God."
Psalm 46:10

It's my go to verse... forever, because it's truth, and because I can remember it.

Be not fearful but believing Sunny.
My hope for Sunny....
the same words I cling to, as I let you go my sweet girl.
True contentment and joy.

"Only drop those things you grasp in your hand, and place your hands in Mine.
Only pull your eyes from those things you hold precious, and I will fill them with My glory.
Release your affections from all others. Place in My hands those you hold dear. Leave them in My keeping:
for so shall your heart be set free to seek Me without distraction.
For when I am to you more precious than all else; when I have become more real to you than all else; and when you love Me more than you love any other, then you shall know complete satisfaction.
Your peace shall flow like a river, and your joy shall overflow as a fountain, and My glory shall be poured out as a fragrant anointing oil upon all your other relationships."
Come Away My Beloved, Francis Roberts

True contentment will be found in Him and the life He has for you. 
Seek God and not what the world pushes at you. 
Only He will satisfy your soul. 

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