May 31, 2012

Pray for Betty?


I met a lady last week. She had come to our new house to look at some grout work that needed to be done. I liked her immediately. She was sharp and knew just what we needed.
We set up an appointment and then talked about life for a few minutes.
She was excited about an upcoming trip to N.Y. this summer with college friends and also her daughter.
She was vibrant and fun and who doesn't like a gal named Betty?
I could use a friend named Betty.
You just know that a Betty is going to be a solid friend, true to the end.

Yesterday the grout guy never showed.
Hmm, this was not like the Betty I knew, at least for the 30 minutes I was with her.

I called Betty this morning. She started apologizing profusely, telling me this has never happened before... on and on she went.
Then she said something else.....
Betty went to the doctor yesterday.
Betty was diagnosed with lung cancer.
Betty was apologizing to me, as she started crying just a little... me, I was balling.
We talked for awhile. I asked some questions.
She shared some life with me.
I told her I would pray for her.
I hung up the phone and prayed for Betty.
Will you pray for Betty today? For healing. For peace.

Life is fragile. Life is beautiful. Life is a vapor.
Betty's life is not without a plan.. by her Creator.
My prayer is that Betty knows this and trusts this God, who loves her with an unbridled passion.
I pray she will have the peace of God today.
I pray that you also will know this peace that comes only through trusting your Creator.

"O My beloved, do not be anxious concerning tomorrow. You shall encounter nothing of which I am not already aware. My mercy is concealed in every storm cloud. My grace flows beneath every crosscurrent. My wisdom has conceived a solution to every problem."  Come Away My Beloved

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